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2017 Annual General Meeting

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Southern Village is a multi-use, planed community of apartments, condominiums, town homes and detached homes surrounding a business district. We are governed by a set of Master Covenants. The neighborhood is divided up into several Sub-Associations that have a board of directors and sets of Supplemental Covenants that govern that section. If you are a new resident or are interested in moving to Southern Village, you will find some useful information below and throughout the site. This site is brought to you by the Southern Village Home Owner’s Association.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Southern Village Homeowner Association, Inc. is as follows: 1) to establish an assessment rate necessary to adequately fund the proper functioning of the Association; 2) to ensure that assessments are collected in a timely fashion; 3) to serve as a steward of Association funds through sound budgeting practices and through prudent expenditure of Association funds; 4) to maintain the Association’s common property (including alleyways) for the benefit of all members of the Association; 5) to protect property values in the neighborhood through architectural oversight.